December 2015, new released "fútbol en los barrios" Calendar 2015

                                      Few calendars are still available.

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October - November 2014, Children Football Cup "Copa Camaquito"
The Camaquito Children Football Cup has been executed successful. With this event Camaquito enbale hundreds of girls to do a meaningful leisure time activity at the weekends. The kids are happy to play at the Camaquito Children Football Cup 2014 and builds at the same time an important social function in the different outskirts. In addition the games creates new friendships, not only between the players but also between the parents from the different outskirts.


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November 2014, OFV Magazin: "fútbol en los barrios" News & Cuba's Football World Cup 2014 Passion


From Andreas Keller: OFV_Info_Magazin_Nov. 2014 (pages 26-29)

October 2014, New, football with handicapped children
Camaquito offers new in connection with the „viva el fútbol“ project the possibility to play football for the handicapped children in the rehabilitation center in Camagüey „Jardín de sueños"

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September 2014, "World Peace Day" and "fútbol en los barrios" Event "Un día un gol"
September 21st, was "World Peace Day". Camaquito participated with "viva el fútbol“ and the “fútbol en los barrios” kids in this International event "Un día, un gol“. 

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August 2014, Cuban football player in Switzerland
A young football player from Camagüey has been invited to Switzerland (no donation has been used) and took experience a couple of weeks by practicing with the challenge League Team FC Winterthur. This was a spearate organised trip and was not reltaed to the viva el fútbol Project. Camaquito does support the viva el fútbol project only for social purpose and not for professional football, which does not exist in Cuba. However Keilen is an example for the young players in Cuba and a valuable ambassador for Camaquito in Cuba.

July 2014, FIFA “Football for Hope” Festival & Workshop in Rio de Janeiro

More information, here


More pics, here

May - July 2014, Local assignment in Camagüey from Philip Eberle for "fútbol en los barrios"
Philip Eberle form Germany has been working three months in Cuba as a volunteer for the "fútbol en los barrios" children toofball program. thank you very much Philip for your effort!

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June 2014, "Copa Camaquito" in Camagüey 

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May 2014, Invitation from the NGO Mifalot in Israel for exchange project experiences and future collaboration

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February 2014, Andreas Keller (Board Member NGO Camaquito, volunteer) 4-days children football workshop for the "fútbol en los barrios" coaches

Course Lecturers: Andreas Keller, Lic. Alexis Pérez, MsC. Nibaldo Delaz Traba & Lic. Armando Cruz Guillén



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February 2014, Andreas Keller, assignment in Cuba for Camaquito (volunteer work)
Visiting all on going Camaquito projects in Camagüey:
- Ballet de Camagüey
- Residence of handicapped people
- Blind -and visual handicapped school
- „Café Literario"

Children’s football project “fútbol en los barrios“:
- Review 2013 
- Workshop with local supervisory team (focused on social topics)
- Working out “fútbol en los barrios“ tournament plan 2014 
- Preparing the budget for 2014  
- Integration of project "vivan los barrios" during the children’s football events
- “fútbol en los barrios“ Project start in the community of “Florida” (3x football fields, 14x local coaches)
- Handover of relief goods

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January - February 2014, U-15 Girls Camaquito Children Football Cup 
The Camaquito Children Football Cup for the U-15 Girls has begun. With this event Camaquito enbale hundreds of girls to do a meaningful leisure time activity at the weekends. The 11 to 15 years young girls are happy to play at the Camaquito Children Football Cup 2014 and builds at the same time an important social function in the different outskirts. In addition the games creates new friendships, not only between the girls but also between the parents from the different outskirts.

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December 2013, OFV Info Magazin / "fútbol en los barrios" Review 2013 & Outlook 2014 

From Andreas Keller: 
OFV_Infomagazin_Dez._2013 page 28-33

December 2013, Start New Football Stadium Camagüey
6 years ago, the idea was raised, to build a new football field and in a second milestone a small football 
stadium in Camagüey. Finally, the construction work of this dream has been started successful in the outskirt of Camagüey “Agramonte”. For the 100% completion of this project we are still looking for donations and fundraising ideas. Therefore please contact:

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November 2013, new released the “fútbol en los barrios” calendar 2014

See here, if you are interested please contact

October 2013: interview "Football in Cuba" Sports Hour by BBC Radio London

September 2013, Camaquito with its children football program „fútbol en los barrios“ at the FIFA „Football for Hope“ Workshop and Conference in Philadelphia U.S.:
After a two year application process, the children‘s football program „fútbol en los barrios“in Camaquito is now a member of the FIFA Program „Football for Hope“. This important co-operation with „Football for Hope“ offers the opportunity for „fútbol en los barrios“ to get global aknowledgement and enhances the international networking between NGO‘s with similar children‘s football projects. In connection with „Football for Hope“ an international workshop and conference took place in Philadelphia U.S. (sponsored by FIFA, ADIDAS, streetfootballworld, U.S. Major Soccer League and English Premier League.
3 days Workshop "Evaluation and Monitoring" and "Capacity Development"

"Football for Hope" workshop participants from Costa Rica together with Andreas Keller Camaquito "fútbol en los barrios" Project Coordinator (middle)

Social Sport Conference "Beyond Soccers"

Beyond Soccer 2013 Invitation

Beyond Soccer Program

Group picture "Football for Hope" workshop participants

"Football for Hope" workshop certificate

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September 2013, End of the "fútbol en los barrios" Football Children Cup 2013
As planned the U-15/18 Summer Cup took place in the outskirts of Camagüey. The team from the outskirt „Lenin“ was one of the happy winning teams. With this Camaquito event, we ensure that the children enjoy a meaningful leisure time activity during their vacation

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July - August 2013, Start "fútbol en los barrios" Summer Football Children Cup
The yearly Camaquito Children Football Summer Cup has begun. With this event Camaquito enbale several hundreds kids to do a meaningful leisure time activity during their school vacation. The 11 to 15 years young girls and boys are happy to play at the Camaquito Children Football Summer Cup 2013 and builds at the same time an important social function to reduce violence between the outskirts. In addition the games creates new friendships, not only between the kids but also between the parents from the different outskirts.

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July 2013, CONCACAF (Confederation of North and Central American and Caribbean Association Football) Gold Cup 2013

Currently the Cuban Selection Team plays at the Gold Cup 2013 in the U.S..

March - June 2013, U-11 Children Football Tournaments in the Outskirts
As planned, the tournaments of the U-11 boys and girls were executed successful between March and June (see schedule 2013. This tournaments between the outskirts have an important social impact to reduce violence and rivalry between the children. In addition the new friendships between the kids are essential for their future life. 

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May 2013, "viva el fútbol" congratulates FC Bayern Munich for the Champions League title 2013

 We are grateful for the football material donation in favor for "fútbol en los barrios"

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March 2013, Andreas Keller (Board Member NGO Camaquito, volunteer) "fútbol en los barrios" 3 days Workshop for the Children Football Coaches

Camagüey_curso de fútbol en los barrios_marzo 2013


Raidel González Ramos (Local Manager "fútbol en los barrios"), Augustin Luis Patricio (Deputy Local Manager "fútbol en los barrios"), Juan Carlos Aróstegui (Outskirt "Garrido"), Dayne Olivera Reyes (Female Football), Karel Cabreja Téllez (Outskirt "Lenin"), Abdel Rondón (Outskirt "Puerto Príncipe"), Alexander Caballero (Outskirt "Previsora"), Yuset Parada del Risco (Outskirt "Mella"), Asnei Agüero (Outskirt "Jayamá"), Michel Manding (Outskirt "La Vigía"), Roberto Vázquez (Outskirt "Vista Hermosa"), Alejandro Rodríguez (Outskirt "Agramonte"), Yunier Segura (Outskirt "Juruquey"), Augustin Cervantes (Outskirt "Vista Hermosa"), Reinier Rivero (Outskirt "Agramonte"), Abel Sánchez (Outskirt "Previsora"), Pedro Borrero (Outskirt "Puerto Príncipe"), Gretel Solis (Outskirt "Jayamá"), Yoandri Tan (Outskirt "Mella"), Denises Martinez (Outskirt "Lenin"), Andreas Keller ("fútbol en los barrios" Coordinator & Workshop Leader) 

February 2013, The U-20 Cuba Team is qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2013 in Turkey

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January 2013, Copa Ignacio Agramonte
On the 16th January 2013 starts in Camagüey the preparation tournament "Copa Ignacio Agramonte". The teams as follows will participate: Camagüey, Las Tunas, Holguin and Santiago de Cuba. On the 2nd February 2013 will be the first games of the Cuban football 1st division saison 2013.

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October 2012, Jörg Stiel's 5th visit for "viva el fútbol" in Camagüey
Football camps, under the leadership of ex-Swiss National Captain and Camaquito Ambassador Jörg Stiel, are held frequently in Cuba. The emphasis is placed on children's football, as well as goalkeeper training. In addition, together with Jörg Stiel, the project 'viva el fútbol' and the program 'fútbol en los barrios' are developed further. Camaquito does very appreciate Jörg Stiel's effort for the "viva el fútbol" project in Cuba.

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June 2012, "Plenty of winners even without goals"
A 'viva el fútbol' benefit concert in Wattwil SG was given by the 'il mosaico' youth orchestra on 20th June 2012. Many thanks for the great interest shown and the generous donations that allow us to support the children in Cuba.


Music and ball artistry united: the audience and football experts Jörg Stiel and Rolf Freitag (far left) were delighted by Vivaldissimo‘s «Hymns@more» benefit concert.

Kick-off is right on time at 8 p.m. But these are not normal referees on the stage of the Thurpark, but instead the experts Jörg Thiel and Rolf Freitag, together with the presenter Albert Holenstein. Nobody is interested this evening in what is happening on the football pitches in Poland and the Ukraine – anyway there are not any matches today. The main players this evening are the music and the musicians of the Vivaldissimo Orchestra who have invited to the concert Hymns@more. This evening they play the national anthems of all countries participating in Euro 2012 – not in the same way as the fans hear them in the stadiums and in front of their TVs, but instead as surprising arrangements composed by Roman Bislin, who is at the piano tonight.

Wobblers and wagers
Vivaldissimo dedicates the first half of the concert to those teams who have already had to pack their bags: Poland and Russia in Group A. Roman Bislin has adapted Poland’s national anthem into a playful polka, for the Russian anthem he replaces the balalaika with a dulcimer. The experts next to Albert Holenstein are discussing wobblers and surprises. “Russia getting knock out means I have lost my bet,” Jörg Stiel admits. And quite a few in the hall who also backed the wrong team are relieved to hear that even the former goalie and captain of the Swiss national squad is not infallible.

For Group B, the Netherlands anthem rings out – it is the oldest of the participating countries. The arranger has converted the Danish anthem into a melancholic waltz – did he suspect that 20 years after winning the European title the ‘Danish dynamite’ was not going to detonate?

And next the audience is presented the newest anthem of those nations participating; Croatia. Here too the dulcimer is heard. Jörg Stiel has personal associations with the Irish anthem: as an active goalie he played against the Ireland team. “In the stadium you feel the vibrations waves created by those singing fans – you cannot hear the Swiss at all!“ he has time to disclose before the musicians give a rendering of the anthem as a fiery folksong, Vilvaldissimo brings the first half to a close with an ABBA-style version of the Swedish anthem, followed by the Ukraine’s, the other host nation. Yup, 45 minutes have passed, just a little stoppage time.

A sackfull of goals and striker Torres
“Keep it going”. That is probably what Herman Ostendarp told the musicians in his half-time pep talk. No player has been substituted, there is nothing to criticise – and after the break the motivation of both Vivaldissimo and of the audience remains sky high. Rolf Freitag recalls the WM 1954 in Switzerland, where in the quarter-final against Austia, Switzerland had led 3-0, and subsequently went down 5-7. Not as many goals in any of the Euro 2012 games so far. That’s how it will stay too, Rolf Freitag and Jörg Stiel agree. And then, with a passing comment on Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyle, it’s on to the first quarter final. Portugal’s anthem is rendered as a melancholic fado, that of the Czech Republic in Dixie style. If the result were influenced by the applause, it would surely go to penalties

In contrast, musically and from the quality of the football, is the second match. Vivaldissimo plays the Greek anthem as a Sirtaki, strings play the German one. That is how the melody from the former imperial anthem was intended by Joseph Haydn, its composer. By the way, the experts do not think the German will have an easy game, the Greeks could well pull off a sensation.

Roman Bislin has embellished the familiar Italian and English anthems with other familiar melodies: Funiculi funicula is heard in Italy’s Tarantella, and the composer has woven Beatles songs into God save the Queen. For the remaining quarter final a Valse Musette mingles with the Marseillaise, -- and a fiery flamenco fits nicely with the ball artistry of Torres, Iniesta and co.

Children are the Champions
After the final whistle, and despite some „ifs“ and „buts“, it becomes clear that Rolf Freitag and Jörg Stiel see Spain as European Champions 2012. Who it will turn out to be is, after the concert, for the time being of secondary importance: with the encore «We are the Champions» it is Vivaldissimo itself who find the real winners of the evening – namely themselves. Their talents have given pleasure to the audience, and have supported a worthy cause. For the concert was a benefit event for the “viva el futbol” project of the charity Camaquito, for whom Jörg Stiel is active in Cuba. The former professional footballer is astonished by the success of the evening. “This is absolutely brilliant! I could happily spend many more evenings like this!“

June 2011, Jörg Stiel's 4th visit for "viva el fútbol" in Camagüey / Cuba

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June 2010, Cuba's U-15 football team in Switzerland
The Cuban U-15 team landed in Zurich on Wed. 16th June. At the weekend 19th/20th June the team played in the DHL Freight Cup and advanced into the quarter-finals. 

Cuban U-15 football players in Switzerland, with attendance of Mark Kuster (Camaquito Founder & Director), Jörg Stiel (ex-Captain Swiss National Team & Camaquito Ambassador for the project "viva el fútbol")

There is an extra special football event in Wintertur on 19th and 20th June. For the first time in history a Cuban national team will llne up on Swiss turf. The Caribbean island's national U-15 teams is playing in the DHL Freight Cup juniors tournament ( The premiere is being organised by the Winterthurer Mark Kuster, founder of the Swiss children's charity Camaquito which supports children and adolescents in Cuba. His aim with this event is to focus attention on his project "viva el fútbol". The generous financial support of the brothers Murat and Hakan Yakin (Yakin & Yakin - Sport with Heart and Emotions) has allowed the event to take place. As official travel partners both Edelweiss Air and the travel company Cuba Real Tours will join the fun.


Friendly match in Switzerland: FC Kreuzlingen juniors - U-15 National Team Cuba

Oficial sponsors: Yakin&Yakin, Cubarealtours, Edelweiss Air, Restaurant National (Food and Beverag Partner)

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May 2010, Jörg Stiel comes to Cuba again for the "viva el fútbol" project
Jörg Stiel will be back in Camagüey from 25th May until 1st June 2010. A national goalkeeper trainer workshop is being held, and, as in past years.The former captain of the National Swiss Team, and Camaquito ambassador, comes to Cuba for the 3rd time. A national goalkeeper seminar is conducted, in cooperation with the Cuban Football Association. Jörg Stiel also visits the different children's teams in the outskirts from Camagüey. The climax is surely again the children's football festival in Camagüey.

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April 2010, Ciego de Avila wins the 2009 /2010 championships
Ciego de Avila's footballers, trained by former national coach, Raúl González Triana, have won the champions title, beating Camagüey's team in the finals. Bronze went to Villa Clara.

March 2010, Camagüey into the final
Camagüey is in the final! The last time the football team made it into the final was back in 1977.
In the semis they notched up two victories (2:0 and 2:0) against Villa Clara. The opponent in the final is Ciego de Avila.

March 2010, Camagüey in the semi-finals
Camagüey's football teams is in semi-finals of the 2009 / 2010 championship. The first leg is on 24th March against Villa Clara. Following a sticky start to the present championship, the team was able to improve substantially, to show that it is one of Cuba's top teams

March 2010, Cuba's U-15 national football team is coming to Switzerland
In June 2010 the U-15 national team is coming to Switzerland. Please give your support to this unique event - muchas gracias!

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January 2010, Start of the 2nd half of the 2009 / 2010 season
Saturday 23rd January 2010 sees the start of the 2nd half of the football season 2009/2010 in Cuba. Camagüey takes on Isla Juventud in a home game at 15.00.

October 2009, "viva el fútbol" ambassador, Jörg Stiel, a guest in TELE TOP
Jörg Stiel paid a second visit to Camagüey, Cuba. In TOP Talk he tells of his commitmen to "viva el fútbol". 

September 2009, the 2009 / 2010 season gets under way on 3rd October, with Camagüey starting with a home game against Holguín.

August 2009, Training begins for the 2009 / 2010 season
Today saw the start of training for Camagüey's 1st team for the 2009/2010 championship. Building on last year's 3rd place with a very young squad, the plan is to emulate the good performances and again win a medal.

Camagüey's U-12 are 2009 Champions in Cuba's East Group
Camagüey's U 12 are 2009 Champions in Cuba's East Group. The national championship was split into two groups. In the East Group final Camagüey beat the Granma team 1-0. The "viva el fútbol" team sends many congratulations to the kids from Camagüey! The final is in June 2009, with four Cuban teams playing for the national championship.

July 2009, Occupational training
As part of her practical occupational training Claudia Egli, a sport and geography student, is undertaking a 2 month's work experience in Camagüey, together with her colleague Susanne Ramseier. They will be supporting the "fútbol in los barrios program"

July 2009, 2 Camagüeyans in the Cuban national team
During a 6 week training camp of the national team, two Camagüey players (Keyler Garcia Estrada und Dagoberto Quesada Beckles) were among those nominated for the A team for the first time. 

June 2009, Camagüey's U-11 team wins silver in the national championship
The Camagüey Kids (U-11) won silver at last weekend's finals matches. The winners were Pinar del Rio.

April 2009, Cienfuegos are the winners, Camagüey wins bronze
The Cienfuegos team are the football champs. They defeated the Villa Clara team in the final. Camagüey picked up the bronze against Santiago de Cuba. It is 10 years since the Camagüey team last won the bronze medal.

April 2009, Camagüey playing for bronze
In the current championship the 1st team will be playing for bronze. The opponent is Santiago de Cuba, and the games will be on 23rd April in Camagüey, and away on 26th April. 

April 2009, Bohemia supports "viva el fútbol"
Our football project is also being supported during Bohemia's Cuba Weeks from 18th April till 10th Mai 2009 - muchas gracias!

April 2009, Jörg Stiel's 2nd visit to Camagüey / Cuba for "viva el fútbol"
Just less than a year ago Jörg Stiel, Ex-Captain of the Swiss national football team, paid his first visit to Camagüey. Now, from 1st to 8th April 2009, he was again on the island. There has been also Cuban media coverage (TV, radio, press) of the various training units, the Children's Football Festival etc.. 
This stay was a complete success too. Various goalkeeper training sessions and visits to junior coaching sessions (fútball en los barrios) were on the agenda. 

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March 2009, Women's Team wins bronze
Camagüey's women's team has won 3rd place in this year's national tournament.

March 2009, U-11 team is champion 2009 in Cuba's East Group
Camagüey's U-11 is champion 2009 in Cuba's East Group. The national championship was split into two groups. In the East Group final Camagüey beat the Granma team 1-0. The "viva el fútbol" team sends many congratulations to the kids from Camagüey!

February 2009, Camagüey heads the table
For the first time in some years Camagüey's 1st team has taken over at the top of the national football table. This team is also supported and looked after by the "viva el fútbol" team, one of the projects of the children's charity Camaquito

January 2009, Start of the 2nd half of the season
The 2nd half of Cuba's football championship starts today, 26th January 2009. Camagüey is today playing in Pinar del Rio, and is on Thursday on Isla Juventud. This is followed by 6 home games.

January 2009, City Quartier Championship
At the moment the qualification games (1st category: adolescents/adults) of the Camagüey City Quartier Championship are taking place.

December 2008, Footballer of the Year 2008
Defender Yenier Márquez of Villa Clara has been chosen as Cuban Footballer of the Year 2008. Other awards were made, for example to the international referee Antonio "el Furia" Álvarez from Camagüey. He had, among other things, been in charge of 6 games at the Futsal-World Championships, including the semi-final between Italy and Spain.

April 2008: Jörg Stiel's first visit for "viva el fútbol" to Camagüey