Football grounds

Over the last months more than 20 vacant grass and hard fields in Camagüey have been evaluated for possible use as children’s football pitches..

Maintaining the pitches is a major challenge – very time-consuming because of the tropical climate and heavy rain showers


Conditions on Camagüey’s best playable football pitch. It had rained the previous evening

There are often no funds to pay for the maintenance of children’s football fields, improvisation is called for,

‘Plaza Mendez’ children’s football ground under construction...


Children’s football grounds in use...

Outskirt / ‘Lenin’

University / ‘Ciencia Medica’

Outskirt / ‘Mella’

Barrio Puerto Príncipe’

For safety reasons it has to be ensured that the girls play in a closed area or in a school

School ‘José Martí’

 School ‘Juan Antonio Mella’