Over the last months more than 20 vacant grass and hard fields in Camagüey have been evaluated for possible use as children’s football pitches. Maintaining the pitches is a major challenge – very time-consuming because of the tropical climate and heavy rain showers. Another important task is establishing a structure and an organisation of local staff so that both training and match facilities are permanently available. Top priority is to ensure that the social philosophy behind the concept of ,fútbol en los barrios‘ is preserved.

In Cuba football does not have the same degree of support as, for example, the national sport baseball. Because, till now, football has not produced any sporting successes, football infrastructure receives little governmental financing or is used exclusively for the national teams, rather than for the population nationwide.

Preparing the football pitche in the outskirt "Agramonte" (Camagüey) before starting the children football tournament

One of the few working mowers in Camagüey, Cuba’s third largest city with a population of 350,000

Scrutinising new football pitches in Camagüey, in the presence of Mark Kuster (NGO Camaquito founder and managing director)

Dress room for the football girls...