Football camps, under the leadership of Jörg Stiel, are held frequently in Cuba. The emphasis is placed on children's football, as well as goalkeeper training. In addition, together with Jörg Stiel, the project 'viva el fútbol' and the children football program 'fútbol en los barrios' are developed further. Camaquito does very appreciate Jörg Stiel's effort for the "viva el fútbol" project in Cuba and Switzerland on a voluntary basis.



October 2012: Jörg Stiel's 5th visit for "viva el fútbol" in Camagüey / Cuba

Jörg Stiel together with the "fútbol en los barrios" kids
Jörg 2012


Jörg Stiel together with the U-15-offspring team from Camagüey 

Foto GC Camaquito


June 2011: Jörg Stiel's 4th visit for "viva el fútbol" in Camagüey / Cuba

Jörg 2011


May 2010: Jörg Stiel comes to Cuba again for the "viva el fútbol" project
The former captain of the National Swiss Team, and Camaquito ambassador, comes to Cuba for the 3rd time. A national goalkeeper seminar is conducted, in cooperation with the Cuban Football Association. Jörg Stiel also visits the different children's teams in the outskirts from Camagüey. The climax is surely again the children's football festival in Camagüey.


April 2009: Jörg Stiel's 2nd visit to Camagüey / Cuba for "viva el fútbol"

This stay was a complete success too. Various goalkeeper training sessions and visits to junior coaching sessions (fútball en los barrios) were on the agenda. Several Cuban media representatives reported on Jörg Stiel's visit.

jrg stiel und die fussball-kinder 04






April 2008: Jörg Stiel's first visit for "viva el fútbol" to Camagüey



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