Camaquito tournaments

A game is something of great significance in Cuba, due to scarce leisure time activities for the children. And playing is one of any child's basic needs. Camaquito wants to make it possible to satisfy this basic need of children and adolescents by providing the infrastructure for this popular pastime called football. Typical character attributes of Cubans can be observed particularly easily when at play.

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Thanks to Camaquito's initiative, together with the Cuban sports authority, it has been possible to integrate children's football classes, run by 35 trained sports teachers, into the school timetable. Team sports are used to teach about 1000 boys and girls, frequently from a difficult social environment, to develop their own personalities and a sense of duty. Camaquito supports with equipment and logistics, so that playing football is preserved as a recreation.
Organizing tournaments between the different city outskirts districts in the various player classes in Cuba is a major challenge.

                                   "fútbol en los barrios" boys celebrate after the final whistle

Together with locals Camaquito supports and organizes various football tournaments for girls and boys in Camagüey. The most important task is taking care of the logistics, i.e. Camaquito supports with football clothing (shirt and slippers), footballs, goal posts, preparing the pitch, food and drink, and the transportation of the children.

                            "fútbol en los barrios" boys celebrate after the final whistle

                       "fútbol en los barrios" Girls Teams / transportation

The infrastructure is sponsored by the NGO Camaquito, i.e. catering and the necessary supply of football material and equipment

                               "fútbol en los barrios" Cup Awards (players, coaches, referees)

Distribution of prices, with attendance from Mark Kuster (NGO Camaquito Founder & CEO), Jörg Stiel (ex-Captain Swiss Football National Team & "viva el fútbol" Ambassador) and Andreas Keller (Project Coordinator & Board Member of NGO Camaquito, volunteer)